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Other captures are donated to the Internet Archive by other partners such as Alexa Internet .The Internet Archive discovers and captures web pages through many different web crawls.Oh, and in case it's not already clear—literally nothing this guy says is right or true. If her mother was a slim stunner when she was younger, but has put on more than a couple of pounds over the years and is really showing her age, yes, your girlfriend can easily develop those same physical traits without much effort.

If you have lots of time to kill, all 80 some-odd pages are filled with the same sort of ham that you get in the post that went viral; but in order to save your sanity, we've broken down some of the craziest bits for easy consumption.

On the other hand, if she doesn’t mention her children until later in the conversation and acts as though she is single, then she’s probably just looking to have a one night stand or a casual relationship with you.

Yet, the way it works for a woman is that she wants the sexual tension to build up first (this can be done during a 10-20 minute interaction or over a few days if you work or study with a woman) and she will then be open to having sex.

The Web Archive of the Internet Archive started in late 1996, is made available through the Wayback Machine , and some collections are available in bulk to researchers.

Many pages are archived by the Internet Archive for other contributors including partners of Archive-IT , and Save Page Now users.


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