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After the story broke, Berry was called to testify before a Congressional committee. He lived in Mexico with his father, who runs a massage parlor in Mazatlán, for a time and speaks Spanish.

Eichenwald contacted Berry anonymously on-line, telling Berry he was a songwriter (Eichenwald writes songs as a hobby) and asking to meet with him.

A police officer with his gun drawn was seen entering the bedroom to find Abraham's lifeless body.

The teenager used the 'lifecasting' website, which is designed to let users share their everyday lives and stream - or broadcast - live footage.

Still struggling to hold the teen down, the officer turns and talks into his walkie talkie and then appears to punch Stewart again.

The struggle continues until backup eventually arrives.

Despite concerns that the anonymous contact might be a law enforcement officer, Berry accepted payment of ,000 from Eichenwald on June 8, 2005 At the meeting, Eichenwald identified himself as a reporter and explained the true nature of his interest in Berry.

Abraham Biggs, 19, told users on a bodybuilding site he would kill himself that night and invited them to watch the live video.

But the ledge couldn’t support Chow’s weight and he fell through the plasterboard to his death four floors below, according to local news outlet TODAY.

His friend Ruth, who declined to be identified by her full name, told TODAY she watched the tragedy unfold.

“Help me take a Snapchat video and I’ll jump,” she said Chow told her.

Surveillance video appears to show the two talking near the railing, and then Ruth reacting in horror as Chow leaps to his death.


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