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Consult with your department prior to enrollment regarding the availability of concentration credit.ENGL S-36V counts toward the Aesthetic and Interpretive Understanding General Education requirement.

The so-called “chronological path” through the extraordinary collection of Greek and Roman sculptures of the museum starts in this room which mainly houses Roman copies of Greek sculptures from the 5th century BC.

“I took a seat at the Caffè Florian, savouring the ices, listening the music, chatting with an acquaintances.

No traveller can forget the immense mass of tables and chairs wich advances like a promontory into the smooth lake of the square” Henry James Caffè Quadri It rose in 1775 with its original name ‘Il Rimedio’ by will of Giorgio Quadri, an eastern inhabitant of Corfù; it rapidly stood out among the several cafés in the Square, which at that time were about 34.

The National Archaeological Museum of Venice, situated in the Procuratie Nuove, can be legitimately defined as the heir of the ancient Public Statuary of the Most Serene Republic of Venice, the founding nucleus of the collection partially rearranged in the Vestibule of the National Library of St. The Archaeological Museum boasts an extraordinary collection of Roman and Greek sculptures, as well a large number of ancient coins, marvellous gems and cameos, bronze artefacts, pottery, Egyptian and Assyrian-Babylonian antiques and prestigious findings from the Late Antiquity period.

The National Archaeological Museum of Venice has its most remote roots in the establishment of the Public Statuary of the Most Serene Republic of Venice, set up in the late 16th century thanks to the donations made by Domenico and Giovanni Grimani.


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