Dating demystified

From the advances that have created a multitude of online dating applications to conflicting dating advice that is often outdated, heteronormative, and limits the potential of authentic and enjoyable experiences. With Pump Up Your Profile, Rock that Date, and How to Pick your Person(s), you will get the information, insight, and tools that will make dating a pleasurable adventure in connection!Each workshop will focus on a different aspect of modern dating and builds upon each other to give you inspiration and useful skills for finding and creating nourishing relationships.Hill Country Conservancy currently assists with ten conservation easements.Each is annually monitored and assisted with resources to help attain conservation goals.Identify your needs and learn how to honor them as your non-negotiables Explore your wants and learn to be more flexible, recognizing them as negotiable Create a mantra that describes what you need in a lover/partner in a way that feels clear, authentic and empowering Develop a filter so you can feel confident about your choices, allowing yourself to feel an enthusiastic YES!Learn how to gently and compassionately end connections that aren’t nourishing and how to courageously and vulnerably invite deeper intimacy with the right person(s) for you!By confidently owning your wants and needs, you’ll know which relationships will be nourishing for you and worthy of your investment, and which ones are best to lovingly let go.This is the third workshop in the Dating Demystified series: Dating in the 20th century is arguably more complicated than ever before.

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